Everything you need to know about the lady behind the lens:

Mom of five…Who are currently all teenagers! (Austin, Kaitlyn, Malaya, Braden, Haylee) I know.. Bless my heart. Between sports, clubs, and playing taxi they keep me pretty busy. Honestly though, I wouldn’t know how to do life any other way. They are, by far, the best part of me.

Insanely lucky wife to a rather handsome man who wears not one, but two uniforms (Army & LEO).  I would not be able to follow my heart and push forward with my photography all of these years if it was not for him. He drives me crazy, yet keeps me sane.

In our home, we proudly support the thin blue line, fly old glory  in front of our home, possibly drink too much sweet tea, and yell very loudly for the Tide on Saturdays. (Roll Tide Roll!)

Alaska will always be my second home.

I may, or may not, be a crazy cat lady. (Spoiler alert: I totally am.)

Weapon of choice is Nikon, always…

Prefers: crunchy peanut butter on my pb&j…. peppermint in my coffee…. and pineapple on my pizza… I prefer to keep things interesting.

Music, Coffee, Naps & Jesus…. They get me through the day.

As your photographer, I want my clients, to be comfortable with me in the room during delivery. I want them to know no matter how your story unfolds, that you can trust that I will do my very best to tell it with as much love and raw emotion as possible with images that you can cherish forever.