I would love to invite newly expecting parents to set down for a cup of coffee for an in person consultation. Let me tell you why I love birth photography so very much.  Please feel free to email, Facebook message, call or text me to set up your in person consultation. I can’t wait to share my love for birth photography with you.


Please understand that I am able to accept only a limited number of births and sessions per month. Please contact me as early as possible if you’re interested in having your story documented. This also allows for more flexible payment options as the earlier you book, the longer you have before your balance should be paid in full. It is $100 retainer to book your birth month slot and the balance of the package you choose can then be paid out in payments with your last payment due at 36 weeks as determined by your estimated due date at the time of booking.  2019 is already booking up very quickly.  Please feel free to contact me to check your due month slot if you are interested to see if a slot may have opened up due to non-payment.

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Current openings :
(As of 3/02/2020)


January – BOOKED
February – BOOKED
March – BOOKED
April – 1 slot
May – 1 slot
June – 1 slot
August- 2 slots
September – 1 slot
October – 2 slots
November – 2 slots
December – 2 slots



Military or first responder  (Must be mom or dad of baby $50
Pay in Full discount (Due at the time of booking)  $50