*Refund Policy*

All retainers are always non-refundable. In order to keep from charging clients in the event they need to reschedule, Heather Holbrook Photography allows the client to use all sessions purchased up to one year from the date of purchase either as the original package booked or as a credit toward another session before expiration.
All refund requests will be under review and approval is decided upon at the discretion of the photographer. IF APPROVED, photographer has 90 days, from the date approved, to issue the refund. No refunds will be given if client fails to show up for the session without notice or cancels prior to session without proper notice or reason. Please be aware when booking that you are hiring a photographer that specializes in births. I do not refund for my having to reschedule due to a mom going into labor. Sessions can be done a different day, a birth is done on baby time.
Please keep in mind that IF your refund is approved, there are circumstances that may push your refund back such as refunding a family during a time of loss. This will take priority over any other refund request due to the special circumstances. Please be considerate and understanding of this.