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Documentary birth photography in Alabama.

 Do you offer payment plans?

I do!  A Non-refundable retainer of $100 is due at the time of booking to reserve your birth story date. Once the initial retainer is made, you can make payments as needed. I do ask that final payment be made by 36 weeks gestation based on your estimated due date, at the time of booking, to prepare for possible premature labor. I know there may be a little bit of sticker shock when you first take a look at the package options. However, lets say you find out you are expecting and book your birth story at 8 weeks. If you choose to go with my Package I at $500 and pay your retainer at that time. If you really look at it, it would only cost you around $14 a week after that to have these priceless memories captured for you to cherish forever!

Will we meet before the birth?

That depends. Many of my clients hire me for my work, not for who I am. If you’re comfortable with this, I am too. We can communicate via email, text message, over the phone, even video chat if you want. That being said, I am always happy to meet with families beforehand, and there is no additional cost for that. Birth is a very intimate, personal experience, so whatever you need to feel comfortable with my presence I’m happy to do.  Most of my clients choose to either purchase a maternity session or go with a package that includes their maternity session so that we have already not only met, but worked together prior to their birth.

What if I require a Cesarean birth?

Again, communication is key. Be sure to discuss this with your care provider in advance and advocate to have me in the operating room if you wish. If it is an emergency situation, and I am not allowed in the operating room, I will shoot until you go back and resume photographing as soon as baby has been stabilized and with dad or a family member.

What if my labor lasts 17 hours?

I do my very best to arrive to your room at 6cm. From the time I arrive at the hospital, I do not leave until we have a baby!

Will my birth story have as many images and look like this one?

The number of images is determined mostly by many factors including, the length of labor. For instance, a mom who is in labor 30 minutes is naturally not going to have as many images as a mom who is in labor 10 hours. I do edit all of the images, in color and black and white, that are good enough to make it through my culling process. With each birth I shoot, I learn something new. So a birth a shoot today may be a little different shooting wise and editing wise than a birth a shoot tomorrow. Each birth I shoot, no matter the price paid (if purchased during a special) or length of time involved will be captured with just as much heart put into my work as all of my other births.

Do I get a cd with all of my images?

I deliver client images digitally, in beautiful, galleries where they can download all of their images with a simple code. Any images that you wish to remain private can be password protected within the gallery. All of the files are available for download in original, high, and low resolution formats. You can also order high quality, professional prints directly from your gallery, or you may use the high-resolution files to print your own through the lab of your choosing (I highly recommend Please contact me for a quote if you’re interested in having me design a lay-flat album for your family.

How long will it take to receive my images?

Immediately after your birth, I will deliver a handful of edited images for you to see and share right away, generally within 24 hours. The full gallery takes time, especially with 5 children at home! I try my best to deliver within 6 weeks, but because I hand edit each and every image in both color and black and white, it may take longer depending on how busy I am during that time.

What if I go into labor a few weeks early or go over my due date?

No worries, we are on baby’s time. He/she is going to come when the time is right for him/her and we will adjust to fit those needs.

What if I go into labor at 2am on a Sunday?

If you even think you may be going into labor, Call me!! Better to call with a false alarm than to miss the birth. Also make sure that someone outside of you and dad have my number so that they can contact me also in the event that you cannot. Updates.. Updates… Updates!! I love them! They make it so much easier to plan my life while on call. Let me know what your doctor says at your appointments. No information that may give us some kind of general idea of when labor may come, is ever “too much.”

What if you become ill or by some act of God unable to make the birth?

Babies come at all hours and are unpredictable. I will always do my very best to make it to your birth at 6cm. In fact, when on call, my entire life is pretty much scheduled around that birth. I often arrive before 6cm just as a precaution, even though it is not required of me in the contract.

If I were to miss your birth for any reason outside my control such as; I didn’t receive a call, labor was too quick, emergency Cesarean with not enough time to arrive, acts of Mother Nature (snow storm, dangerous driving conditions) accidents on highway, ect, the birth story rate is transferable to another session and products. My contract goes over these aspects in more detail.

If I become ill and cannot shoot the birth due to illness, I will do my very best to see that my backup photographer is as passionate and caring as she is talented. The rest of your “Grow With Me Package” will still be available for use as well.