Heather did an amazing job. Even with all the hurdles we had to jump through she was there, doing her job as the photographer but also lending words of encouragement! Definitely pleased with how my birth story and photography turned out. “

Ashley, Delivered at Brookwood Baptist – Jasper, 2018

“Heather did an AMAZING job on our little girls birth story. She was there by my side every step of the way. She was not just there taking pictures. She was a friend and encouragement. Heather blessed me and my husband so much with our birth story of our little girl. I could never thank her enough for beautiful pictures and an amazing experience. She is truly gifted at what she does! I will forever be grateful to her for capturing the best day of my life.”

Sadiey, Delivered at Brookwood Baptist – Jasper, 2018

I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience. Most of the photos Heather captured I don’t even remember the moment, but now I have them forever. She was truly a blessing. She caught some of the most breath taking photos of my babygirl and I couldn’t be more happy with them. We love heather and all the hard work she puts into making her births personal and the video is stunning.

Kyndyl, Delivered at St. Vincent’s – Birmingham, 2017

How can I even begin? My birth story was one for the books. It was wild to say the very least. If something could go wrong it did. I spent all day writhing in pain, had an unplanned and unmedicated c section. BUT, there were three constants with me for every step of that journey, Jesus, my husband, and Heather. Forget the fact that she delivered the most beautiful pictures and montage of that day….gave us everything we asked for and worked with us on payments….She was my ROCK! She held my hand, she comforted me, she encouraged me and she didn’t leave me. She could have said woah I’m just here as the photographer but she didn’t when I needed someone she was MY person. Going through a delivery like that was traumatizing for everyone and it wasn’t until all the excitement was done that she allowed herself a minute to feel all the craziness that occurred. I wish I could describe how much she means to us. Sure, we paid her to be there but we didn’t pay her to be a vessel of the Lord and that’s what she was for us. She is beyond talented, she is anointed, she is set apart, she has a heart of gold and can take pain and anguish and make it look beautiful. You should choose her as your photographer to not only tell your story but allow her to be apart of it because she was the key ingredient to transforming a train wreck into our victory. Love you so much sweet friend!

Maegan, Delivered at St. Vincent’s – Birmingham, 2017


Oh, it would take me days! My husband can say as much as I can. Not only did Heather capture EVERY moment that we had hoped, she helped me get through a NATURAL birth. No epidural, no pain medication, nothing (which was ALL my choice). There was one moment that Ronnie and I both prayed that she captured. It was of Ronnie and Cooper. We were going through our photos and there it was. We both cried like babies. I can’t say enough good things because there are no words to describe the amazing experience that we had with Heather. She was not there to simply document our birth experience, she was there for EVERYTHING!

Whittney, Delivered at St. Vincent’s – Birmingham, 2018


“I used Heather for the birth of my baby girl and she was simply amazing! From the beginning she offered endless support, guidance, and answered any and all questions I had regarding my birth session. The package I purchased included a maternity shoot in which I included my two little girls and she was also amazing with them. She was so patient and made everyone feel very comfortable, even my 2 year old who is timid around everyone. On the day of the birth itself not only was she my photographer but she was also one of my biggest cheerleaders. Heather has a way of effortlessly integrating herself into the birth space without disrupting the flow of the birth room all while she is capturing raw, beautiful shots. Thanks to Heather Holbrook Photography my husband and I now have a video and photographs that we will cherish forever.”

Stephanie, Delivered at St. Vincent’s – Birmingham, 2018